Teaching and Training Practice

The practice and the partners are actively involved in training a range of health care professionals at different stages of their careers. We feel this helps to keep us fresh and up to date, which clearly benefits the practice as a whole.

GP Registrars

The practice has been approved and licensed to train general practitioners (the GP Registrar). GP Registrars are qualified doctors doing 3 years further training to become GPs. We are lucky that they are usually of a very high standard and keep us up to date with new advances.

You may be asked to have your consultation videotaped to help evaluate their consulting skills. This is never done without prior permission and is optional, but is essential for their training.

Student Doctors

The practice is a University teaching practice linked to the Clinical School in Cambridge. For much of the year, student doctors will spend some of their time during training at the surgery. Some of the time will be spent seeing patients with the GPs and some of the time the GPs are acting as their tutors and are teaching them.

Additional doctors work in the practice to make up for the time the doctors spend teaching. Patients will always be asked if they mind seeing a student doctor when students are sitting in surgeries.

Whilst most patients are happy to see the students, we understand that this may not always be acceptable and if this is the case please let the receptionist know when you arrive at the surgery.

Student Nurses

Student nurses from West Suffolk College also attend the surgery for short placements under the supervision of the practice nurses. Once again patients will be asked if they mind a student nurse being present when students are sitting in with the practice nurses.